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Sunday School        10:00 am
Worship                    11:00 am
Evening Worship      5:45 pm

Worship                    11:00 am
House of Prayer        7:00 pm
Youth Worship           7:00 pm



We gather to be instructed; we scatter to be influential. We gather for worship; we scatter to witness...


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Verse of the Week

“For mine eyes have seen thy salvation.”

Luke 2:30

Quote of the Week

A rather short verse it is–just seven words, but isn’t seven the number of perfection? And Simeon was holding in his arms that day in the temple the perfect Son of God who also was now the perfect Son of man! I love how Simeon described baby Jesus–he called Him “salvation.” Simeon rightly understood that this special baby boy was the long-awaited Messiah, the one and only Savior of the world. Indeed, Simeon was holding in his arms the very One whose arms would one day be stretched out on a wooden cross so that nails could be driven through His hands. On a hill called Calvary, Jesus would die for Simeon’s sins to provide him and anyone who will believe on Him as Lord and Savior the precious gift of salvation. Jesus is salvation, and I pray that you with arms of faith have embraced Him as your salvation. Jesus is the only way of salvation, the only door to heaven, and to receive Him is to receive the forgiveness of sins, the unspeakable gift of eternal life!

2021 Women’s Retreat